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Elevate your architecture and interior to new heights of luxury and sophistication with our premium uPVC villa windows. Our villa windows are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and offer a perfect balance of style and practicality.

Our uPVC villa windows are the only windows equipped with a twin sash, a bug mesh, and grill built right into the design. Whether you prefer the classic charm of casement windows, the modern appeal of sliding windows, these villa windows are designed to complement the grandeur of your homes. Windoor villa windows are a statement of aesthetics, but also engineered to provide exception insulation, always ensuring comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

Transform your homes into a haven of luxury, style, and comfort with uPVC villa windows, where every frame is a work of art, and every view is a masterpiece.

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High rise apartment
Living room




Excellent insulation against heat, noise, rain, dust, pollution - Super energy efficient



Excellent insulation against heat, noise, rain, dust, pollution - Super energy efficient



Excellent insulation against heat, noise, rain, dust, pollution - Super energy efficient



Excellent insulation against heat, noise, rain, dust, pollution - Super energy efficient

uPVC villa windows are energy-efficient. Provide insulation from rain, dust, and pollution. Require very less maintenance. Come equipped with dual seals and a multi-chambered design that helps in preventing noise infiltration and also reduce heat loss.

Did You Know?

Adding to this, these windows are available in different materials; however, the most trending and efficient material used for the manufacture of villa windows is uPVC. Made with un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, the installation of villa windows in uPVC is highly beneficial as well as eco-friendly. Nepal Windoor is one of the largest manufacturers of uPVC villa windows. We make sure that our clients are offered stylish and aesthetically appealing window designs that do not compromise on the premium quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

    There are a number of benefits that you get when you opt for uPVC windows. These are:
  • uPVC windows require low maintenance
  • uPVC is quite durable as a material for home fixtures
  • uPVC windows resistant to corrosion and do not rot
  • uPVC does not flake or blister
  • uPVC windows can add a lot to the beauty of your home
  • uPVC windows offer good thermal insulation
  • uPVC has a natural resistance to moisture, mould, mildew, and atmospheric pollution

uPVC windows are extremely long-lasting because they are corrosion resistant and do not rot. These windows are highly durable and can last for 20 years or more on average.

Nepal Windoor has a number of styles in uPVC windows that you can choose from based on your requirements and taste: windows
  • Tilt and turn window
  • Casement windows
  • Villa windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Combination windows
  • Bay windows

Nepal Windoor is a uPVC windows manufacturer that offers windows that come with a number of benefits. They require very less maintenance, are tough, durable, resistant to corrosion and rot, fire-retardant, offer thermal insulation, and help keep noise and pollution at bay. Nepal Windoor uPVC windows are also recyclable and offer a much better option than the conventional designs.

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